Who We Are

Who We Are

Ace Pools is proud to be West Valley’s finest pool service company, with an emphasis on customer service, attention to detail, and personalized solutions. We exist first of all, to keep you and your family, safe and healthy, by providing products and services that maintain the proper chemical balance in your pool to kill harmful microbes and prevent the growth of algae.

We also aim to alleviate part or all of the work that comes with pool ownership, such as cleaning, inspections, pool repair, and part replacements. We want our our customers’ pools to be a source of fun and relaxation – a place to unwind, exercise, entertain, and bond with family and friends.

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We also aim to provide you with the latest in pool equipment and technology, making your life even simpler and more stress-free. This includes essential items such as pool pump, plumbing, and filters, as well as luxury items such as lights, heaters, and in-floor cleaning systems.

Because your pool is our passion, you might hear us described around the greater Phoenix area by any one of the following terms, which reflect the diversity of our customers and services:

  • pool companies
  • swimming pool companies
  • pool maintenance companies
  • pool repair companies
  • pool service companies
  • pool service and repair companies
  • pool installation companies
  • pool repair business
  • pool service business
  • swimming pool repair business
  • swimming pool service companies

Whatever you call us and whatever level of service you desire, if you’re looking for the best in customer satisfaction and value, we invite you to call Ace Pools at (602) 490-0822. Let us show you what we mean by better service at a better value!

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