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At Ace Pools, our aim is to make your pool a source of fun and relaxation by taking care of all the details. We offer a wide range of services to meet you needs, including:

For individuals looking for a weekly pool cleaning service program, we are here for you! Unlike other companies, we never lock you into any contracts, because we are confident that our exceptional value, proficiency, and customer service will keep you coming back month after month and year after year.

Full Service – chemicals included

  • Weekly Visits
  • We test your water chemistry
  • Add the proper chemicals to balance water chemistry (chemicals included)
  • Brush pool walls, steps, and water line
  • Empty pump, skimmer, and leaf baskets
  • Backwash the filter
  • Inspect your equipment on every visit
  • Adjust all settings, valves, and timers
  • Net the surface
  • Vacuum (as needed)
  • We will send you an electronic GPS time stamped service report after each visit

Whether you’re ready for a monthly visit from Ace Pools or want a quote on an individual service, we’re ready to help. Just contact (602) 490-0822 for a quote on the best value on pool services in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area!

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